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Mar 4, 2019


RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 8 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E9 (02/26 - 03/04)

  • Luke Williams loses a Hair vs Hair Match against Roddy Piper (Bonus: 1980 Promo included).
  • Audio: Bushwacker Luke (Williams) speaks on signing with WWF and changing from the violent Sheepherders to The friendly Buschwackers.
  • WWF airs first ever Slammy Awards.
  • Looking back at WCW Superbrawl II (1992).
  • Lex Luger wrestles last WCW match before signing with WWF.
  • Hollywood Blondes def Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat to win WCW World Tag Team Championships (Bonus: Douglas/Steamboat pre match promo).
  • Audio: Shane Douglas speaks on leaving WCW for ECW after losing Tag Titles to Hollywood Blondes.
  • Before ECW invaded WWF at The Manhattan Center in 1997, there was the World Wrestling Network event in 1994.
  • DT looks back at Jim Crockett / Paul Heyman led WWN Promotion and the fallout which led to ECW going 'Extreme'.
  • Audio: Before debuting in WWF as Mankind, Mick Foley appeared in USWA as 'Mankind The Mutilator'.
  • British Bulldog becomes first ever WWF European Champion.
  • Near record low ratings (1997) lead to major changes coming for Monday Night Raw.
  • Audio: Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X.
  • Looking back at ECW Living Dangerously 1998.
  • Audio: Bam Bam Bigelow speaks on working with Taz and Living Dangerously '98 event.
  • Before XPW invaded ECW at Heatwave 2000 PPV, many former ECW champions appear for XPW. Looking back at XPW Baptized In Blood event.
  • Looking back at WWF No Way Out PPV (2000).
  • Looking back at a very wacky and memorable week in wrestling in 2000.
  • Rob Van Dam vacates ECW TV Title due to broken ankle, ending 700 day run as Champion.
  • Audio: Yapapi Brother, Wooooo!
  • Audio: All three members of 3 Count def Brian Knobbs to become Hardcore Champion.
  • Audio: Crash Holly vs Mark Henry for WWF Hardcore Title leads to Mae Young giving birth to a Rubber Hand.
  • Audio: Crash Holly creates the 24/7 Rule for Hardcore Title.
  • WCW Referees Mickey Jay and Mark Johnson wrestle each other on Thunder.
  • David McClane's Women Of Wrestling ceases operations (2001).
  • Audio: Big Show defends WWF Hardcore Championship against Kurt Angle and The Rock with a unique finish.
  • Jerry Lawler quits WWF after wife Stacy Carter is released.
  • Audio: Jerry Lawler speaks on the day both he and Stacy Carter left WWF.
  • Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero: A fantasy match that did take place (for IWA Promotion).
  • WWF premieres Tough Enough 2 on MTV.
  • Looking back at every WWF Tough Enough winner and the disappointing careers that followed for almost all of them.
  • Audio: Marty Jannetty turns down Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club for the Masterlock Challenge.
  • Audio: Shawn Michaels joins Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club.
  • Audio: The night Randy Orton came out to CM Punk's Theme Music (This Fire Burns).
  • WWE retires Cruiserweight Championship (2008).
  • Mr T turns down WWE Hall Of Fame.
  • Audio: Looking back at Mr T's WWE Hall of Fame Speech (Mother Meter: 71).
  • Jacqueline Beems arrested after assaulting then husband Ric Flair.
  • Audio: TMZ releases 911 call made to Police by daughter of Jacqueline Beems.
  • Triple H and Shawn Michaels wrestle together for the last time on Raw.
  • Hulk Hogan spoils Rob Van Dam's surprise debut for TNA.
  • Bonus Audio: RVD makes TNA debut, defeating Sting (clean) in 12 seconds.
  • Johnny Curtis (Fandango) wins NXT Season 4. Tyrus (aka Brodus Clay) finishes second.
  • Looking back at Ring Of Honor 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and 14th Anniversary Shows.
  • Audio: The Rock attempts to make John Cena his 'Kung Pao Bitch'. 
  • Audio: The Rock gets rattled after John Cena 'exposes' cheat notes written on The Rock's arm.
  • WWE airs Old School Raw special (2013) which includes last TV appearance of Mae Young.
  • Audio: Brock Lesnar promo predicting end of Undertaker's WM 'Streak' - in front of Chicago audience - shortly after CM Punk quits WWE.
  • Looking back at WWE NXT Arrival event (2014).
  • Audio: The Miz and Mizdow debut 'Niagara' Commercial.
  • Final Chapter of Broken Hardy's 'Expedition Of Gold' takes place at a Flea Market on Impact, only to invade ROH a few days later and win Tag Team Titles.
  • Looking back at ROH Manhattan Mayhem VI (2017).
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Verne Gagne, Mike Von Erich, Dewey Robertson, Joey Marella, Lance Cade, Bobby Pearce, Steve Stanlee, Scott Stevens, Chino Chow, Eddie Cook, Otis Clingman, Natie Brown, Bobby Jones, Reid Flair, El Gemelo de la Muerte #2, George Zaharias, Eddie Creatchman, Sonny Kurgis, Bad Boy Brown, Bobby Fields, Jack Manuel and Wolfgang Ehrl (RIP), Lorraine Johnson 89, Mark Lewin 82, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey 80, Felipe Ham Lee 79, Seiji Sakaguchi 77, Sandy Parker 67, Ricky Steamboat 66, Mike Tenay 65, Debra Marshall 59, Morgus the Maniac 58, Booker T, James Mitchell and Norman Smiley 54, Yasushi Sato 53, Johnnie Stewart 52, Toshiyo Yamada 49, Scotty Riggs, Shiryu Dragón, Satoru Asako, Jeff Cannon and Manami Toyota 48, Último Guerrero and Megumi Yabushita 47, Bracito de Plata, Masato Tanaka and Nobuyuki Kurashima 46, Devon Storm, Brandi Alexander and Dino Divine 45, Miss Jones and Mitoshichi Shinose 44, Saika Takeuchi and Shabazz 43, El Hijo del Tirantes, Ricky Ruckus, Lujo Esquire and Lance Archer 42, Ito Nemoto and DJ Hyde 41, Dark Angel 40, PJ Black, Kaori Yoneyama, Black Metal and Sub Zero 38, Fuego Latino and Rey Demonio Jr. 37, Mascarita Divina and Davey Richards 36, Crazzy Steve, Rickey Shane Page, Juicy Jimmy Feltcher and Hanson 35, Murder Clown, Dalton Castle and Big E 33, Kyle O'Reilly, Awesome Andy, Akito and CM Sigmon 32, Nina Monet 31, Kento Miyahara, Tenille Dashwood and Stuart Miles 30, Sean Strickland 28, El Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Ricky Knight Jr. and Mandy León 27, Lady Shani and Lucky Kid 26, Zuzu Divine 25, Nobuhiro Shimatani 23

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Jushin Thunder Liger (1984), Great Sasuke (1990), Alex Shelley (2002), Io Shirai and Lady Puma (2007)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Don McGee and Max Krauser 89, Angelo Poffo and Johnny Silvi 84, Stan Myslajek 83, Frank Marconi and Billy Tipton 79, George Culkin 78, Tom Jones 77, Billy Robinson 75, Doran O'Hara and Woody Farmer 74, Ronnie Etchison 73, Dominic Doganiero and Tony González 72, Paul Figueroa, Gus Kallio and Yvon Cormier 70, Jorge Allende 68, Danno McDonald 62, Steve Sybert and Helen Hild 57, Doug Furnas 52, Igor Putski 51, Hayabusa 47, Liz Chase 41, Dino Casanova 35, Satoshi Hasegawa and Mike Hawk 32, Kid Chapman 31, J Prodigy 29

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