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Jun 13, 2019

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 34 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E24 (06/11 - 06/17)

  • Infamous 'Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl' involving Wayne Ferris (Honky Tonk Man) and Larry Latham vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.
  • Looking back at WCCW 'Star Wars' (1983).
  • Audio: Two of the most Politically Incorrect segments air on WWF TV: Paul Orndorff fat and skinny shaming at the gym, and 'At Home With Dr D' (David Schultz).
  • Macho Man Randy Savage makes his WWF debut.
  • Audio: Terry Funk makes his WWF debut, and beats the piss out of Mel Phillips.
  • Bonus Terry Funk Audio: 'Terry Funk Is Fusing', 'I Had A Dream' speech, JYD saves Mel Phillips, Terry Funk Arrives in Florida, and more! (All clips occurred TWIWH.)
  • Audio: First Razor Ramon vignette airs on WWF TV (1992).
  • Hulk Hogan Vitamin Company files Chapter 11.
  • Looking back at 1992 World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) Championship.
  • Looking back at WWF King Of The Ring PPV (1993).
  • WCW Saturday Night airs live Hulk Hogan parade (from Orlando, FL) celebrating HH signing with WCW.
  • Audio: Eric Bischoff speaks on Hulk Hogan signing with WCW in 1994.
  • The Gangsters make their ECW debut.
  • Looking back at ECW 'Barbed Wire, Hoodies, & Chokeslams' event (1995).
  • Rey Mysterio makes his WCW debut.
  • Looking back at WCW Great American Bash (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000).
  • Psycho Sid, Flash Funk, Doug Furnas, and Phil LaFon involved in serious auto accident.
  • Audio: Too Cold Scorpio (Flash Funk) tells The Masked Maniac and Don Tony about the auto accident and if Triple H & Chyna really drove past them without helping.
  • Audio: Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lawler promos hyping ECW vs USWA match air on Memphis TV.
  • Audio: USWA hosts the end of the Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel characters, featuring a hilarious promo by Vince McMahon.
  • Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, and the NBA Playoffs wrap up just in time for WCW Bash At The Beach PPV.
  • Hart family files lawsuit against WWF, Kansas City, and 11 other defendants over the tragic death of Owen Hart.
  • Audio: Looking back at the trainwreck (and piss poor production) between Sting and Rick Steiner ends with Sting 'attacked' by Dobermans and Rottweilers.
  • Rena 'Sable' Mero appears on WCW Nitro while still under WWF contract.
  • Goldberg turns heel and joins the New Blood.
  • New weekly feature: 'Channel Surfing': Random Raw vs Nitro clips head to head.
  • Audio: 'Channel Surfing: 2000' RAW (Kane ambushed and unmasked, Bull Buchanan steals Undertaker's motorcycle, 'Taker The Carjacker, and Crash Holly and Gerald Brisco battle for the Hardcore Title) Vs NITRO (Ric Flair loses Handicap Retirement Match against David Flair and Vince Russo thanks to daughter Megan?, 12 y/o Reid and Ric have their heads shaved, 14 y/o Ashley (Charlotte) even makes an appearance.)
  • A&E debuts Biography episode featuring Hulk Hogan.
  • Stacy Keibler makes her WWF debut.
  • Audio: Sara's Stalker makes an appearance, and the voice is decoded.
  • Looking back at MLW's first ever event 'Genesis' (2002).
  • Only days after walking out of WWF, Steve Austin accused of assault on the wife Debra.
  • Audio: AJ Styles def Raven and Jeff Jarrett to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion (2003)
  • Chavo Classic fired by WWE for no showing several house shows.
  • Looking back at WWE Bad Blood PPV (2004).
  • Looking back at ECW One Night Stand PPV (2005, 2006).
  • Audio: Rob Van Dam vs John Cena (c) for WWE Championship (ECW ONS 2006).
  • ECW (WWE version) debuts on Sci-Fi.
  • Audio: The Zombie vs The Sandman in first ever ECW (WWE version) match on Sci-Fi.
  • Looking back at TNA Slammiversary PPV (2007).
  • WWE Draft Lottery (2007) and Mr McMahon Appreciation Night edition of Raw ends with Vince McMahon blown up in a Limousine.
  • Looking back at how PA residents, news and entertainment outlets, and the stock market reacted to Mr McMahon's 'murder'.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon sells Raw to Donald Trump.
  • Looking back at how news and entertainment outlets and the stock market reacted to Donald Trump 'purchasing' Raw.
  • Looking back at ROH 'Manhattan Mayhem' event (2009).
  • VH1 tapes '100 Most Shocking Music Moments' hosted by Chris Jericho.
  • WWE releases Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) after 'choking' Justin Roberts during Raw debut of Nexus.
  • Dixie Carter's 'nice surprise' for Slammiversary and teases a future reveal that was supposed to 'change TNA forever'.
  • Looking back at TNA Slammiversary PPV (2010, 2014).
  • WWE releases Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Curt Hawkins, Teddy Long, Brodus Clay, Aksana, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Michael Tarver, Jacob Novak, Shane Canterbury, and Referee Marc Harris.
  • Audio: Vader makes surprise appearance on Raw and wrestles his last ever match for WWE.
  • Looking back at WWE No Way Out PPV (2012).
  • Looking back at NJPW 40th Anniversary Tour Dominion 6:16 event (2012).
  • Looking back at WWE Payback PPV (2013).
  • CM Punk and AJ Lee get married.
  • Gail Kim announced for TNA Hall Of Fame.
  • Looking back at WWE Money In The Bank PPV (2015, 2018).
  • WWE announces the participants for first ever Cruiserweight Classic.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Ultimate Warrior, Bruiser Brody, George Harris, Paul Jones, Kurt von Brauner, Fred Meyer, Luiz Martínez, Karl Kowalski, Bonnie Watson, Buddy Roberts, Otto Wanz, Drew McDonald, Earl McCready, Brad Armstrong, Stacy Hall, Chico Cortez, Buzz Sawyer, Doby Gillis, Herb Larson, Billy Samson, Chris Taylor, Antonio Peña, Sailor Jack Lewis, Jim Wilson, Al Baffert, Hector Garza (RIP), John Da Silva 85, Sweet Daddy Siki 79, Fred Curry 78, Dan Kroffat 74, Bill Ash 73, Ultraseven 64, Negro Navarro 62, Ted Arcidi 61, Magnum TA 60, Jacques Rougeau 59, Scott Norton 58, Virgil 57, The Sandman, Jerry Lynn and Johnny Hotbody 56, Mascarita Sagrada and Clarence Mason 54, Minoru Suzuki 51, Masao Orihara, Shadow WX, Headbanger Thrasher and Yuji Yasuraoka 50, Valentín Mayo and Sakie Hasegawa 49, Mark Henry and Chuck Palumbo 48, Na$daq Shawn Murphy, Larry Destiny and Nitro Girl Whisper 46, Biggie Biggs and Exterminador 45, Seiji Ikeda and Bryan Alvarez 44, Sonoko Kato, El Sicodélico Jr. and Shuichiro Katsumura 43, Masterpiece Marsellus 41, Cyanide 39, Diablo Amarillo and MASADA 38, Johnny Candido and Victor Dale 37, Brad Attitude and Rey Infierno 36, G-Raver and Apple Miyuki 34, Yasufumi Nakanoue and Red Lightning 33, Lady Sensación 32, Hikaru Shida, Insane Killer and Jason Axe 31, Bayley 30, Tomoyuki Oka 28, Esfinge 26, Rezar 25, Millie McKenzie 19

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Glen Osbourne 1990, Scott D'Amore 1992, Asuka 2004, Tessa Blanchard 2014

NOTABLE DEATHS: Gypsy Joe 82, Diablo Velasco, Toots Mondt and Lord Pinkerton 80, Santos Ramos 78, Grizzly Smith 77, Floyd Marshall 76, Joe Millich 73, Rod Trongard, Caballero Rojo, Suni War Cloud and Princess Tona Tomah 72, Dusty Rhodes and Whitey Whittler 69, Wolfgang Ehrl 68, César Valentino 67, Johnny DePaulo 64, Mike Clancy 63, Pat McGill 60, Sensational Sherri 59, Al Green and Pat Kennedy 57, Hans Lerche 54, Arkángel de la Muerte 51, Buddy Wayne 50, Dick Murdoch 49, Mitsuharu Misawa 46, Peter Maivia 45, Mark Gedge 44, Alberto Torres 37, Danny Yamz 34, La Flor de Loto 27

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