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Jan 11, 2019

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 57 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E2 (01/08 - 01/14)

  • Audio: Andy Kaufman returns to Memphis and assists Nick Bockwinkel to defeat Jerry Lawler for vacant AWA World Heavyweight Title.
  • Ric Flair def Sting to become the first ever WCW World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Bret Hart def Ric Flair in first ever Ironman Match (60 Min) to retain WWF Championship.
  • Audio: The Rockers officially split as Shawn Michaels superkicks and throws Marty Jannetty thru the 'Barbershop' window.
  • First ever episode of Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network.
  • Looking back at WCW Clash Of The Champions XXII.
  • Audio: 'The Ringmaster' Steve Austin makes his WWF Monday Night Raw debut - Man!
  • WWF and Mike Tyson reach a deal for an appearance at Wrestlemania XIV. DT looks back at how bad the NY press treated this deal.
  • Bonus audio: Don King on Monday Night Raw discussing negotiations between WWF and Mike Tyson.
  • Looking back at ECW House Party (1997, 1998).
  • First ever episode of WCW Thunder airs on TBS.
  • Audio: Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho wrestle for the first time ever in singles match. (From E1 WCW Thunder).
  • Audio: Mark Henry joins the Nation Of Domination.
  • Audio: Highlights of infamous WCW Stairway To Hell Match between Sabu and The Sandman.
  • Audio: The streak begins; Gillberg makes WWF debut.
  • Audio: Chyna last eliminates Vince McMahon to win the WWF Corporate Rumble.
  • Mick Foley's first week as WWF Champion.
  • Looking back at ECW Guilty As Charged (1999, 2000).
  • Bret Hart wrestles last ever WCW match before abruptly retiring due to injury.
  • Audio: WCW Commissioner Terry Funk forces Jeff Jarrett to wrestle three times on Nitro (against George 'The Animal' Steele, Tito Santana, and Superfly Jimmy Snuka).
  • Mankind is 'reinstated' after the roster (led by The Rock) threatens to strike.
  • ECW holds its last ever event before filing for bankruptcy.
  • Audio: Ted Turner agrees to sell WCW to Fusient Media Ventures.
  • Goldberg wrestles last ever WCW match, Sid Vicious breaks his leg, and more: Looking back at WCW Sin PPV (2001).
  • WWE airs Raw 10th Anniversary Show complete with Awards and Top 10 Raw Moments as voted by fans.
  • Looking back at WWE New Year's Revolution PPV (2005, 2006).
  • Audio: Kurt Angle says he's not a fan of black people?
  • Batista vacates WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to injury.
  • Edge celebrates his first WWE Championship - by having 'live sex' with Lita on Raw.
  • Bonus Audio: Lita speaks on the infamous Raw 'Live Sex Celebration'.
  • Looking back at TNA Final Resolution PPV (2007).
  • Audio: Donald Trump wrestles Rosie O'Donnell on Raw.
  • Audio: Impact Main Event features Awesome Kong def Gail Kim to win TNA Knockouts Championship.
  • WWE cuts 10% of their office staff, issues releases for D-Lo Brown, Val Venis, Hardcore Holly, Ron Simmons, Victoria, Kevin Thorne, Matt Cappotelli, Sgt Slaughter and others.
  • Victoria wrestlers her final WWE singles match.
  • Looking back at TNA Genesis PPV (2010, 2011, 2012, 2016).
  • Brodus Clay (Tyrus) makes WWE Raw debut.
  • WWE officially announces the creation of WWE Network.
  • Audio: Memorable verbal confrontation between The Rock and CM Punk on Raw. 
  • Superstar Billy Graham goes on a tirade against CM Punk's Raw promo and a classic response from Chris Jericho.
  • WWE makes significant changes to Raw and Smackdown announce teams.
  • Highlights from TNA Lockdown (2014).
  • Daniel Bryan leaves The Wyatt Family.
  • WWE officially announces The Ultimate Warrior for 2014 Hall Of Fame.
  • Audio: Roman Reigns' infamous 'Sufferin Succotash' promo on Seth Rollins. And DT has some surprising comments on the promo.
  • Social media flips out after Chris Jericho calls The Usos 'The Back Of The Bus Brothers' during Raw segment.
  • Audio: Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella.
  • TNA reduces total annual PPVs down to four.
  • Official announcement for All-In event (2018).
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Bearcat Wright, Pez Whatley, Brian Christopher, Gori Guerrero, Don McGee, Luna Vachon, AJ Mitrano, Ray Stern, Bobby Jaggers, Rockin Rebel, Big Dick Dudley, Ludvig Borga, Billy Firehawk, JT Lightning and John Kronus RIP, Enforcer Luciano 83, Abdullah The Butcher 78, Strong Kobayashi 75, Colonel DeBeers 74, Bushwhacker Luke 72, Bruce Hart 69, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Masanobu Fuchi, Scott Casey, and B. Brian Blair 65, Rey Misterio, El Jalisco and Jerry Estrada 61, Peggy Lee Leather 60, Negro Casas 59, Rambo 58, Villano V, Tony Puccio, and The Punisher 57, Ernest Miller 55, Reno Riggins 52, Bull Nakano 51, Silver King, Gene Snitsky, Sanshiro Takagi and Buff Bagwell 49, Derek Wylde 47, Magnum Tokyo 46, Donovan Morgan and Todd Grisham 43, Pierre Fontaine 42, Tamina Snuka and Ken Scampi 41, Ricky Marvin and Groon XXX 39, King Mo, Krissy Vaine, Akiya Anzawa and Shad Gaspard 38, Mistress Belmont, Bad Luck Fale, La Máscara and Mason Ryan 37, Chris Masters, Demolition Davies and Trina Michaels 36, Milanito Collection a.t. 34, Matt Riddle 33, V.S.K. and Ruby Riott 28

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Dory Funk Jr (1963), Tatanka (1990), Lita (1999)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Count Billy Varga 94, Mae Young 90, Tony Verdi and Bronko Nagurski 81, John Heath and The Wolfman 80, Dottie Downs and Steve Casey 78, Farmer Burns 75, Hideyuki Nagasawa 74, Jack Barnes 73, Sugi Hayamaka 71, Paul Berger 69, Cocoa Samoa 62, MS-1 and Rex King 55, Jack Reynolds 50, Hillbilly Cousin Junior 48, Ludvig Borga 47, Jerry Monahan 44, Oyama Kato 42

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