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Feb 19, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 1 Hr 27 Minutes

Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 7 (02/12 - 02/18)

The War To Settle The Score: Audio: MTV vs Roddy Piper and others.. Debut of 'Real American' music video.. Fallout begins between Adrian 'The Barber' Adonis and Brutus Beefcake.. Ted Dibiase debuts the Million Dollar Title.. Audio: Memorable debut of Brian Pillman at ECW Cyberslam '96.. Rocky Maivia makes history.. Shawn Michaels loses his smile, surrenders WWF Heavyweight Title.. Chyna makes her Raw debut.. NWA Tag Title change on Raw.. AJ Styles and Nick Gage make pro wrestling debuts.. Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon Cage Match leads to debut of Big Show.. Kane vs Undertaker: Inferno Match.. Stephanie's teddy bear goes up in flames.. Hacksaw Jim Duggan finds WCW TV Title in trash.. Kevin Nash makes final appearance in WCW.. NWO makes WWE debut.. Hulk Hogan 'attacks' The Rock with a Semi.. Eddie Guerrero wins WWE Championship.. Triple H saves Batista.. CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson.. Paul Heyman announces ECW One Night Stand II.. Floyd Mayweather breaks Big Show's nose.. Vladmir Kozlov fails at Elimination Chamber.. HBK 'freed' from JBL.. Audio: Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter announce Impact Wrestling moving to Monday nights.. Orlando Jordan kisses a man at Impact.. WWE airs final episode of ECW reboot.. Audio: The Rock returns to WWE and calls out John Cena.. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett fight over Karen Angle and custody of children.. William Regal kisses Zack Ryder.. TNA parts ways with Vince Russo (or do they?).. Zack Ryder watches John Cena and Eve Torres make out, then gets tossed off stage by Kane in a wheelchair.. The Rock unveils new WWE Championship Belt.. Samoa Joe leaves TNA.. Fan hacks Cesaro's twitter account.. Audio: Emmalina debuts on Raw, then leaves.. Baron Corbin vs Dead Ambrose.. Audio: Closing moments of Festival of Friendship featuring Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.. and much more!

NOTABLE DEATHS: Frank Martinez 81, George 'The Animal' Steele and Tony Charles 79, Michiaki Yoshimura 76, Tony Altimore and Ivan Koloff 74, Mildred Burke 73, Johnny Weaver 72, Kurt von Stroheim and Gil Guerrero 69, Buddy Lee 66, Nicole Bass 52, Ryu Nakata 51, Viscera 43, Mike Awesome 42, Johnny Grunge 39, Kerry Von Erich, Eddie Gilbert, and Damian Michaels 33, Slick Robbie D 32, Louie Spicoli 27

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