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Nov 29, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 38 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 48 (11/27 - 12/03)

  • Stan Stasiak def Pedro Morales to win WWWF Championship. DT addresses the ignorant treatment over the years by the internet towards 'The Man' and his title victory.
  • Antonio Inoki def Bob Backlund to win WWF Championship; a title reign not recognized by WWE.
  • Von Erichs def Freebirds and Ric Flair to win WCCW Six-Man Championship.
  • Looking back at Starrcade 85: The Gathering
  • Looking back at Starrcade 86: Night Of The Skywalkers
  • Audio: Highlights of Road Warriors vs Midnight Express Scaffold Math including a rare LOD promo and comments by Jim Cornette on his injuries suffered.
  • Audio: Shane Douglas wrestles on WWF Superstars (1990).
  • SNME 8 airs on NBC.
  • Looking back at Survivor Series 1991: The Gravest Challenge.
  • Looking back at WWF Tuesday In Texas.
  • Audio: Highlights of Undertaker def Hulk Hogan to win WWF Championship for first time - just to lose it back to the Hulkster a few days later - just to have the title then vacated until Royal Rumble.
  • Audio: Ric Flair first WWF PPV match ends in a sudden clusterfu**.
  • Audio: Memorable Ric Flair promo from Survivor Series.
  • Audio: Rare clip only seen in NY: Vince McMahon video editorial on Phil Mushnick and NY Post over their coverage of the 1994 steroid trial.
  • Looking back at ECW November To Remember 1997.
  • Audio: Stephanie McMahon makes her first ever appearance on Monday Night Raw.
  • TV Guide debuts 'Signature Covers'. Four custom TV guide covers featuring Austin, Goldberg, Hogan, and Undertaker.
  • Audio: Test / Stephanie Raw Wedding nixed as Triple H marries a drugged unconscious Stephanie McMahon.
  • Audio: Stephanie McMahon Smackdown promo on unwillingly 'marrying' Triple H.
  • Audio: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash throw the WCW TV Title in the trash.
  • WCW Nitro cage match main event featuring Sid/Goldberg vs Hall/Nash vs Bret Hart/Chris Benoit w/ Roddy Piper as guest referee.
  • Looking back at UK exclusive WWF Rebellion PPV (2000).
  • ECW holds their next to last ever PPV, Massacre On 34th Street.
  • Memories of rare NY indy match involving Eddie Guerrero (vs Low Ki).
  • World Wrestling All-Stars invades Belfast, Ireland.
  • Memories of the last ever wrestling event at 'Madhouse of Extreme', the Elks Lodge (Queens NY). USA Pro Wrestling 'End Of An Era': The one and only event Don Tony and The Masked Maniac teamed up for. So how did it do?
  • Looking back at Survivor Series 2005.
  • Audio: TNA Vince Russo, Jeremy Borash and Voodoo Kin Mafia crash a WWE House Show.
  • Looking back at one of the worst WWE PPV's of all time: WWE December To Dismember (2006).
  • Audio: A tearful Paul Heyman cuts his last promo before resigning and leaving WWE (2006).
  • Audio: Samoa Joe shoots on Scott Hall no showing TNA Turning Point PPV.
  • Audio: Kevin Nash, and Samoa Joe speak on the 'shoot', backstage incident, and more.
  • WWE signs 2008 Playboy Model Of The Year, Jillian Beyor.
  • Audio: The Miz vs Jerry Lawler in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for WWE Championship.
  • Sheamus wins 2010 King Of The Ring Tournament.
  • Kaitlyn wins NXT Season Three.
  • WWE releases MVP.
  • Mick Foley (while employed by TNA) heavily criticizes TNA in memorable 2010 interview.
  • John Morrison wrestles last WWE match before being released.
  • Audio: Memorable Pipers Pit featuring Roddy Piper interviewing John Cena.
  • Never forget: WWE debuts then immediately yanks new Sin Cara shirt due to a hilarious graphics faux pa (Now known as the Sin Cara Boner Shirt).
  • WWE releases Thomas Latimer (aka Bram) after being charged with assaulting a Police Officer.
  • Audio: The interview that led to numerous lawsuits. CM Punk interviewed on Art Of Wrestling Podcast (EP 226).
  • Audio: Vince McMahon appears on Stone Cold Podcast (WWE Network) and apologizes to CM Punk. 
  • New Day make their WWE debut.
  • Audio: Sheamus forms the League Of Nations.
  • WWE surveys WWE fans disgruntled over Raw product. Have they addressed anything since this 2015 Survey?
  • Audio: Broken Matt surprise video appearance from ROH Final Battle (2016).
  • WWE premieres 205 Live on WWE Network.
  • RIP Hype Bros: Mojo Rawley turns on Zack Ryder.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Playboy Buddy Rose, Ray Candy, Leroy Brown, Ernie Ladd, Tim Woods, Paul Bunyan, Smith Hart, Lee Marshall, Jimmy Del Ray, Klondike Bill, Hayabusa, Davey Boy Smith, Tom Zenk, Lobo Rubio, Gypsy Joe, Whitey Wahlberg, Gordon Ivey (RIP), Teizo Watanabe 88, Mean Gene Okerlund 76, Jerry Lawler and Zeb Colter 69, Gran Hamada 68, Riki Choshu 67, Dave Sullivan and Johnny Mantell 61, Danny Boy 60, Jushin Thunder Liger 54, Bart Sawyer and Rumi Kazama 53, John Bradshaw Layfield and Jinsei Shinzaki 52, Gino Martino 51, Trinity and Gordon Glynn 47, Rob Conway and Minoru Tanaka 46, Super Crazy, Evan Karagias, Kazunari Murakami and Billy Ken Kid 45, Christian 44, Sepulturero and Mr B 43, Blue Wolf, Ricky Vega and Bionic J 42, Super Hentai 41, Brent Albright and Futoshi Miwa 40, Mineo Fujita and Joel Maximo 39, Mo Sexton 38, Erick Rowan and Donny DiCaprio 37, Lei-D Tapa 36, Rosemary and Summer Rae 35, Tara Charisma 34, Viper 32, Naomi 31, Dana Brooke 30

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Road Dogg (1986), Big Show (1994), Brakkus (1996), Kristal Marshall (2005)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Don Evans 88, George Pencheff 87, Joe Gunther 84, Jack Laskin 81, Jack Donovan, El Nazi and Johnny Seals 76, George Harris 75, Haruka Eigen, Richard Schikat, Don Arakawa and Bello Greco 71, Tim Woods 68, Buddy Roberts and Big Daddy 67, Farmer Jones 64, Bill Fletcher 63, Hiro Matsuda 62, Jerry Monti 59, Rip Tyler and Black Guzman 57, Duke Finnegan 54, Giant Haystacks, Gene Dundee and Principal Richard Pound 52, Moondog Spot, Joey Rossi and Abdul Ghafoor Khan 51, Steve Bradley and El Hijo del Cien Caras 32, Magic Dragon 31

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