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Nov 12, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 8 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 45 (11/06 - 11/12)

  • Nick Bockwinkel begins 1,714 day reign as AWA Heavyweight Champion by defeating and ending Verne Gagne's 2,625 day reign.
  • Terry Funk wins NWA US Title previously vacated by Johnny Valentine due to injuries sustained in Oct 4 plane crash.
  • Looking back at WWF 'The Wrestling Classic PPV (1985).
  • Jerry Lawler accused of 2nd degree rape and sodomy of a 13 year old girl. Although charges would later be dropped, WWF vs USWA feud abruptly ends.
  • Looking back at Clash Of The Champions XXV (1993).
  • Audio: Vince McMahon announces the WWF departure of Macho Man Randy Savage.
  • Looking back at one the greatest PPV of all time; When Worlds Collide (1994).
  • Audio: Bret Hart On TSN OTR (1997), Dave Meltzer and Chris Jericho discuss Montreal Screwjob.
  • Audio: What could have been, what should have been. Chris Jericho 'Greenberg' promo on Nitro leads to memorable spear from Goldberg. Thus prematurely ending a feud fans wanted to see.
  • Looking back at the Raw after Survivor Series (1997).
  • Audio: New Jack - Original Gangster (1998).
  • Dudley Boyz make ECW Tag Team Title history.
  • Audio: Rick Steiner reveals his Tag Team Championship partner - Judy Bagwell?
  • Audio: Big Boss Man ruins the funeral of The Big Show's father.
  • Audio: Chris Benoit vs Madusa from Nitro.
  • Audio: Seven makes his memorable Nitro debut.
  • Audio: Arnold Schwarzenegger guest stars on Smackdown and the memorable bitch slap heard around the world.
  • Molly Holly makes her WWF debut on Raw.
  • Looking back at Ring Of Honor 'All-Star Extravaganza' (2002).
  • Lex Luger wrestles first match since passing of Miss Elizabeth.
  • Audio: John Cena insults Rey Mysterio (Smackdown 2003).
  • Audio: Vince McMahon talks burying The Undertaker.
  • Looking back at TNA Victory Road PPV (2004).
  • Audio: Macho Man Randy Savage makes TNA debut.
  • Joey Styles becomes lead play by play announcer on Raw.
  • Audio: Loud 'You Suck' chants lead to Kurt Angle repeating his ring entrance three times.
  • Audio: Eddie Guerrero wrestles last ever match before his untimely death.
  • Shimmer Womens Wrestling and Evolve launch their promotions.
  • Midway Games announces video game deal with TNA.
  • WWE signs Tyson Kidd.
  • Audio: Kevin Federline challenges John Cena to a match, and Brittany Spears files for divorce the very next day.
  • Ric Flair and Roddy Piper vs Rated RKO leads to DX and Big Dick Johnson violating Eric Bischoff.
  • Audio: CNN airs the controversial 'Death Grip' (2007) and grossly edits comments made by John Cena.
  • James Gibson announces his retirement.
  • Audio: After signing Hulk Hogan, Impact airs video of a meeting between Dixie Carter and TNA roster.
  • Looking back at 2009 Impact ratings pre and post Hogan signing.
  • Ric Flair marries for the fourth time (Jacqueline Beems).
  • Audio: Dinner Impossible airs episode featuring WWE.
  • Looking back at TNA Turning Point PPV (2010).
  • TNA debuts custom World Title belt for Jeff Hardy.
  • Audio: Kevin Nash last TNA appearance before leaving the company.
  • Audio: Mick Foley appears on TSN 'Off The Record' (2010).
  • Audio: CM Punk has some fun with a 'TNA fan' at a WWE house show.
  • WWE unveils their logo for WWE Network.
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling becomes the new developmental territory for TNA.
  • Who was voted by fans as the Mount Rushmore of WWE?
  • Linda McMahon loses CT Senate bid to Chris Murphy.
  • Yoshi Tatsu suffers series neck injury during a match against AJ Styles.
  • Pete Dunne makes WWE Raw debut.
  • AJ Styles def Jinder Mahal on Smackdown to win WWE Championship.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: José Azzari, Tino Herrera, Matt Cappotelli, Peter Goodman and Tony Rumble (RIP), Ken Patera 76, Bob Orton Jr. 68, Asesino Negro 66, Hiroshi Shimada 62, King Kong Bundy and Tony Schiavone 61, Máscara Sagrada and Nick Patrick 59, Dump Matsumoto 58, Arashi 57, Billy Gunn 55, El Limón 54, Bill DeMott and Scorpio Jr 52, Disco Inferno, Van Hammer and Damien Steele 51, Mitsuya Nagai 50, Takako Inoue 49, Chris Jericho 48, Mamoru Okamoto 46, Mike Hughes 44, Riko Fukuyama 43, Josh Barnett and Dave Prazak 41, Johnny Kashmere, Marshal Scott, Bullfight Sora, Lena Yada, Oriental #2 and Carnage 40, Joey Ryan, Slyck Wagner Brown and Reggie Gallagher 39, Máximo and Katarina Leigh 38, Ryback and Muhammad Hassan 37, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jacob Novak, Eli Drake and Christie Ricci 36, Dave Crist, Kristal Marshall and Chrissy Rivera 35, Keith Lee, Drew Sheppard 34, Hiroyo Matsumoto 33, Nick Aldis 32, Okada 31, Marshall Von Erich 27, Peyton Royce 26, Pete Dunne 25, Lio Rush 24

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Pedro Morales (1958), Gen'ichiro Tenryu (1976), The Messiah (1996), Becky Lynch (2002), Ember Moon (2007), Marti Belle (2009), Garett Bischoff (2010), Sarah Logan (2011)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Taro Miyaki 89, Don Fargo 85, Jose Lothario 83, Joe Higuchi 81, Killer Karl Kox and The Great John L 80, Choo-Choo Lynn and John Kowalski 79, Joe Scarpello 76, Chuck Molnar 72, Don Taylor 71, Sky Low Low 70, Dick the Bruiser 62, Eddy Steinblock 61, Al Romero 54, Heather Savage 36, Crash Holly 32

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