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Aug 20, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 33 (08/14 - 08/20)

  • AWA is created and Verne Gagne awards himself first AWA World Heavyweight Champion.
  • NWA refuses to recognize Bobo Brazil as the first Black NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Nikita Koloff wins Best of Seven Series (4-3) against Magnum TA to become NWA US Champion.
  • Looking back at first ever Indy Wrestling event Don Tony attended: WWA Rumble II.
  • Audio: Jake The Snake Roberts betrays Ultimate Warrior.
  • Audio: Similar promos by Jake Roberts and President Trump almost 30 years apart.
  • Audio: Jesse Ventura does play by play for 'Grudge Match'.
  • Audio: The Shockmaster makes his memorable WCW debut.
  • Audio: Dusty Rhodes speaks on The Shockmaster.
  • Audio: Prelude to Mr McMahon 4+ years before Montreal Screwjob: Vince McMahon invades USWA and Memphis.
  • Lex Luger vs Yokozuna battle in USWA right before Summerslam.
  • Audio: Leslie Nielsen hunts for The Undertaker.
  • Undertaker vs Undertaker Summerslam outcome spoiled at Monday Night Raw taping.
  • Breaking down problems between NWA and ECW which would ultimately lead to ECW 'throwing down' NWA Heavyweight Title.
  • Audio: Dean Douglas is coming to WWF, and he isn't a fan of Bret Hart.
  • Cactus Jack def Terry Funk in No Ropes, Barbed Wire, Exploding Death Match to win IWA King Of The Deathmatch Tournament.
  • Sabu, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko sign with WCW.
  • WCW holds NYC Press Conference to announce debut of Monday Nitro on TNT.
  • Mankind vs Undertaker Boiler Room Brawl and HBK vs Vader highlight Summerslam 1996.
  • Looking back at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997.
  • Undertaker busted open for the first time ever on Raw as the development of DX continues.
  • Audio: Rocky Maivia addresses 'Die Rocky Die' chants and NOD push racist storyline further.
  • Audio: Eddie Guerrero tells Eric Bischoff to shove it and leaves Nitro.
  • Audio: Ultimate Warrior equals big ratings for WCW. The Warrior makes his memorable WCW debut.
  • Kevin Nash loses retirement match at WCW Road Wild '99 - just to return two months later.
  • Lenny Lane wins WCW Cruiserweight Title and is quietly stripped due to Time Warner's concerns over homosexual character.
  • Audio: Mick Foley announces first ever TLC match.
  • Audio: Linda McMahon at Democratic National Convention?!
  • Vampiro and Great Muta win WCW Tag Titles - just to lose them one day later.
  • Audio: Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome on Nitro in Canada ends up in a clusterfu**.
  • Audio: Team Canada is formed and Lance Storm gives away the US and Cruiserweight Titles as presents.
  • Stacy Keibler announces to David Flair and the world that she's 'pregnant'.
  • Showing love for the brief WCW career of Papaya.
  • Looking back at Summerslam 2001: WWF vs The Alliance.
  • Kurt Angle spoils 'Austin Appreciation Night'.
  • First ever live WWF Smackdown airs with new set and new music.
  • Kevin Nash loses a Hair vs Hair match on Raw against Chris Jericho.
  • Randy Orton (24) becomes youngest ever WWE Heavyweight Champion.
  • Thumbs Down: Triple H, Ric Flair, and Batista kick Randy Orton out of Evolution.
  • Audio: Kane announces wedding to Lita next week on Raw. As you will hear, the 'threatening of rape' claimed on many wrestling sites is untrue.
  • Audio: Shawn Michaels trolls and has nuclear heat with Canadian Raw fans. 
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan wrestles last ever Raw match against Kurt Angle.
  • Ashley Massaro wins 2005 Divas Search.
  • Layla El wins 2006 Divas Search.
  • Undertaker vs Edge HIAC, Batista vs John Cena, Chris Jericho accidentally punches HBK's wife Rebecca highlight Summerslam 2008.
  • WWE releases Nick Dinsmore (Eugene) after returning a few weeks prior.
  • Kevin Nash def Mick Foley to win TNA Legends Championship.
  • Hornswoggle def Chavo Guerrero Jr in Falls Count Anywhere Match.
  • Daniel Bryan makes his WWE return (Summerslam 2010) after being fired due to incident during Nexus angle.
  • Darren Young kicked out of The Nexus.
  • Bret Hart introduces new WWE Tag Titles as WWE retires Unified WWE Tag Titles.
  • Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez make their WWE main roster debut.
  • Ring Of Honor replaces Adam Pearce with Delirious as head booker.
  • Audio: CM Punk def John Cena (Referee: Triple H) to win Undisputed WWE Championship.
  • Audio: Kevin Nash attacks CM Punk in surprise return.
  • Audio: Alberto Del Rio cashes in MITB to win WWE Championship.
  • Audio: Kevin Nash and CM Punk try to turn Chicken Sh** into Chicken Salad on Raw.
  • WWE suspends referee Mike Chioda and Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine.
  • Matt Hardy arrested after DUI which included auto accident.
  • WWE debuts Saturday Morning Slam.
  • CM Punk vs Big Show vs John Cena and Brock Lesnar vs Triple H highlight Summerslam 2012.
  • Bully Ray def Chris Sabin to win TNA World Heavyweight Title.
  • Main Event Mafia vs Aces And Eights.
  • Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk, Daniel Bryan vs John Cena, Randy Orton MITB Cash In to win WWE Title highlight Summerslam 2013.
  • John Cena undergoes triceps surgery.
  • Sin Cara suffers broken fingers during Raw match.
  • Stephanie McMahon wrestles first match in eleven years, Title wins for Paige (Divas), Dolph Ziggler (IC), and Brock Lesnar (WWE World Heavyweight Title) highlight Summerslam 2014.
  • Audio: Brock Lesnar destroys John Cena (Summerslam 2014).
  • Audio: Brock Lesnar doesn't give a sh** about Heath Slater's kids.
  • Alberto Del Rio wrestles last WWE match (against John Cena).
  • Baron Corbin cashes in MITB but loses against Jinder Mahal in WWE Championship match.
  • Akira Tozawa def Neville for WWE Cruiserweight Title.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Fritz Von Erich, Wally Carbo, Dick Murdoch, Bill Lee, Buddy Pappas, Victor The Bodyguard, Buddy Landel, Eddie Gilbert,  Uncle Elmer, Gino Hernandez, Kurt von Schober, Jack Allen, and Gypsy Joe (RIP), Irma Gonzalez 82, Bobby Duncum 74, Bob Backlund 69, Gran Markus Jr 65, Bobby Eaton 60, Tom Prichard and Tim Horner 59, Jeff Farmer 56, Tamon Honda and Tarzan Goto 55, Tori (DX) 54, Lilian Garcia and Nitro 52, Super Boy 50, Dick Togo 49, Katsuhisa Fujii 46, Tomohiko Hashimoto 41, Ruckus, Court Bauer, Susumu Yokosuka, and Ryo Saito 40, Shawn Patrick, Homeless Tom, Fenix, and Hank Calhoun 39, Nikki The Knockout, Chet Jablonski, and Terry Daniels 38, Kofi Kingston, Byron Saxton, Percy Watson, and Noel Harlow 37, Cheerleader Melissa 36, Big Cass 32, Johnny Gargano and Lucky Cannon 31, Ryan Rage 30, Cedric Alexander and Justin Sane 29, Paige 26, Velveteen Dream 23, Alberto Dos Rios 21

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Ole Anderson (1967), Negro Casas (1979), Rick Rude (1982), Kurt Angle (1998), Cheerleader Melissa (1999), Chris Masters (2002),  Apollo Crews (2009), Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns (2010)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Tony Cosenza 92, Chief Lone Eagle 88, Gabrielle Calderon-Vasseur 83, Ted Heath and Sonny Fargo 80, Jim Londos 78, Kurt von Schober 77, Skandar Akbar 75, Buddy Bison 71, Dewey Robertson and Marv Westenberg 68, Pat O'Connor and Babs Wingo 65, Terry Garvin 61, Tony Parisi 58, Paul McManus 57, Nightmare" Ted Allen 54, Ian 'Doc' Dean 48, Masanobu Okamoto 44, DC Dillinger 43, Jeep Swenson 40, Moondog Lonnie Mayne 33, Joe Delicious 31, Plum Mariko 29, Shane Shamrock and Chri$ Ca$h 23

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