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Apr 16, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 49 Minutes

Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 15 (04/10 - 04/16)

Buddy Rogers becomes first WWWF Champion.. Roddy Piper def Playboy Buddy Rose in Hair vs Hair Match.. Jerry Lawler wins WCWA Title.. Wrestling Summit: WWF / All Japan Pro Wrestling.. Johnny Ace breaks elbow against Cactus Jack.. WCW makes MSG (Paramount) debut.. Ric Rude appears on Howard Stern.. Audio: Jesse Ventura award $810,000 over royalty lawsuit with WWF.. NJPW first ever Super J Cup makes history (and memories).. Sid Vicious no shows first match back from Arn Anderson stabbing incident.. Hulk Hogan reaches a deal with WCW and leave WWF.. ECW fires Sabu.. Audio: The Gangstas aren't afraid of The Undertaker.. The Gangstas 'salute' The Undertaker and Tracy Smothers' Confederate Flag.. Star Magazine alleges incident between Tommy Lee and Shawn Michaels over Pamela Anderson.. Shane Douglas exits ECW for WWF.. New Jack accused of assault at a KY indy event.. Michael PS Hayes debuts as Doc Hendricks.. First vignette for Hunter Hearst Helmsley airs.. USWA celebrates 1000 TV episodes.. Brian Pillman seriously injured in automobile accident.. Audio: Ultimate Warrior returns to WWF after 3 1/2 year absence and Goldust 'introduces himself'.. Audio: Vader (with Undertaker) incident on Good Morning Kuwait. Jim Cornette and Vader offer different versions of the incident.. ECW airs first ever PPV; Audio tribute to Barely Legal.. Dude Love turns on Steve Austin.. Chris 'Jerrico' is not gay.. The Rock tosses Steve Austin and Smoking Skull Belt off the bridge.. Audio: New Blood vs Millionaires Club and Russo / Bischoff WCW era begins.. Audio: Ric Flair promo from Nitro reboot.. Audio: ECW Champion Mike Awesome shows up on Nitro.. Audio: WWF wrestler defeats WCW Champion at an ECW Event.. World Wrestling All-Stars 'erupts'.. Audio: Scott Steiner and Chris Nowinski debate Iraqi Freedom.. Audio: Goldberg wears a wig.. John Cena introduces the spinner belt.. Audio: Santino Marella makes WWE debut and wins IC Title.. WWE bans photographers at televised events.. CBS cancels Secret Talents Of The Stars before Ric Flair can Salsa Dance.. Hulk Hogan makes OJ comparison to Linda Bollea breakup.. E60: Vince McMahon.. Torrie Wilson retires.. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla celebrates 100 events.. WWE presents Raw / SD / ECW draft.. Smackdown moving to Syfy.. Superstars moving to Audio: Edge announces sudden retirement.. Audio: While Fandango makes UK Top 50, a chant is born.. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella get married.. Jim Ross' twitter storm on today's wrestling heels.. Steve Austin comments on John Cena using springboard stunner.. Daniel Bryan wrestles last match before 3 year retirement.. Taz leaves TNA.. Braun Stroman attacks Braun Stroman and flips an ambulance.. and so much more!

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Greg Gagne (1973), Jesse Ventura (1975), Scott Norton (1989), Bison Smith (1998), Heavy Metal (2004), Drew Gulak (2005), Bull Dempsey (2006)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Ernie Dusek 85, Gene Kiniski 81, Wild Bill Savage 77, Ray Mendoza 73, Great Goliath 69, Larry Sharpe 66, Balls Mahoney 44, Dynamite D 37, Larry Sweeney 30, Mike Von Erich 23

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