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May 19, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 50 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 20 (05/15 - 05/21)

  • The era of Bruno begins: Bruno Sammartino def Buddy Rogers to win the WWF Heavyweight Title.
  • SD Jones' greatest WWF house show performance ever?
  • Scott Hall and Curt Hennig lose AWA Tag Titles to Buddy Rose and Doug Somers by countout.
  • Jerry Lawler wins local lawsuit (Memphis) case against WWF.
  • Ted Dibiase returns to WWF after seven year absence.
  • Sean Mooney makes his WWF commentary debut. Or does he?
  • Teddy Long loses Hair vs Hair match against Paul Ellering.
  • Sid Vicious vs El Gigante: Stretcher Match.
  • Blue Blazer loses Mask vs Mask match against El Canek.
  • Bam Bam Bigelow appears on Candid Camera.
  • Tabloid Magazine prints ridiculous accusations against Ultimate Warrior.
  • Dangerous Alliance vs Sting's Squadron at WrestleWar 92: The greatest War Games match ever?
  • AAA Promotion launches and holds its first ever event.
  • Papa Shango casts a spell onto Ultimate Warrior.
  • Scott Hall leaves WCW for WWF.
  • Nailz makes his WWF debut.
  • "123 Kid" is born: The Kid upsets Razor Ramon on Raw.
  • Heavenly Bodies: In: Jimmy Del Rey. Out: Stan Lane
  • Marty Janetty wins IC Title in a surprise return to WWF.
  • The episode of 'A Current Affair' featuring the tragedies surrounding the Von Erich family.
  • The original Wellness Program: WWF attempts to institute and enforce a stronger drug policy.
  • The infamous MSG 'Curtain Call' featuring Razor Ramon, Diesel, HBK, and Triple H.
  • Kevin Greene wrestles for WCW.
  • Shane Douglas leaves ECW for the second, and last time.
  • DDP signs on to appear on Hollywood Squares.
  • Charles Robinson suffers a collapsed lung after a Macho Man Randy Savage elbow drop.
  • Audio: Undertaker makes surprise return at Judgement Day PPV as 'American Badass'.
  • A 'hos' wins WWF Hardcore Title.
  • DT's favorite Hardcore Title moment ever featuring Gerald Brisco.
  • Triple H suffers almost complete tear of quad in memorable Raw Tag Title match and finishes the match.
  • CompuServe debuts 'Ask Rena Mero' advice column.
  • Looking back at the passing's of Davey Boy Smith and Macho Man Randy Savage.
  • Audio: Joanie Laurer vs Joey Buttafuoco: Celebrity Boxing Match
  • Audio: Vince McMahon return appearance on HBO 'On The Record' with Bob Costas.
  • Kurt Angle loses Hair vs Hair match against Edge.
  • Torrie Wilson and Sable share a kiss during WWE PPV.
  • Zach Gowan's memorable debut involving Roddy Piper, Sean O'Haire, and Mr America.
  • Ron 'R-Truth' Killings wins NWA Heavyweight Title.
  • Audio: Heart Attack? Health complication from previous PPV match? Eddie Guerrero 'collapses' on Smackdown.
  • Audio: Bobby Heenan appears on The Dennis Miller Show.
  • TNA suspends Jeff Hardy, releases DDP.
  • WWE Films 'See No Evil' hits movie theaters.
  • King Booker is born! Booker T wins 2006 King Of The Ring Tournament.
  • Great Khali pins The Undertaker
  • WWE releases several performers including: Sabu. Shelly Martinez, Angel Williams, Scotty 2 Hotty, Derrick Bateman, Percy Watson and others.
  • Audio: Daniel Bryan confronts Michael Cole after being eliminated from NXT.
  • Audio: Bret Hart wins US Title from The Miz.
  • Hulk Hogan sues Post Cereal.
  • WWE releases Carlito following Wellness Policy violation.
  • Tara (Victoria) loses Title vs Career match, only to return to TNA TV a few months later.
  • Audio: TNA launches 'Wrestling Matters Again' campaign.
  • Sinclair Broadcasting purchases Ring Of Honor.
  • Audio: TNA signs Brooke Hogan.
  • Seth Rollins debuts as NXT holds first ever TV taping at Full Sail University.
  • Tommaso Ciampa hit with diverticulitis.
  • The beginning of the end for TNA on Destination America.
  • Samoa Joe makes NXT debut at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.
  • Audio: Kevin Owens makes memorable Raw debut.
  • Tommaso Ciampa turns on Johnny Gargano.
  • Pete Dunne def Tyler Bate to win WWE UK Championship.
  • Jinder Mahal wins WWE Heavyweight Championship.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Jack Brisco (1965), Keith Hart (1973), Sean Mooney (1988), Mike Quackenbush (1994), Trent Acid and Billy Reil (1995), Adam Pearce (1996), Jay & Mark Briscoe (2000), Sheamus and Karl Anderson (2002), No Way Jose (2013)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Buddha Khan 78, Ricky Cortez 77, Red Baron 76, Doug Somers 65, Macho Man Randy Savage 58, Jimmy Hines 56, Davey Boy Smith 39, Andy Kaufman 35, Big Dick Dudley 34

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Andre The Giant, Warren Bockwinkel, Karl Von Hess, Billy Red Lyons, Jimmy Snuka, Cousin Luke, Gary Albright, Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, Black Widow, Billy Berger (RIP), Johnny Rodz 80, Gino Brito 77, Pepe Casas 74, Earl and Dave Hebner 69, Dick Slater 67, Mr T 66, Kevin Von Erich 61, Sean Mooney 59, The Godfather 57, Ron Simmons 56, Lori Fullington 51, Road Dogg 49, Psicosis and Bobcat 47, Kaz Hayashi and Blue Meanie 45, Ricky Romeo, The Almighty Sheik 44, Alex Wright 43, Randi West 37, Kota Ibushi and James Curtis 36, Mickie Knuckles 34, Aleister Black and Mike Kanellis 33, Dash Wilder 31, Tom Phillips 29, David Finlay Jr 25

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