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Jun 26, 2023

The Sit-Down with Don Tony (6/25/23) hosted by Don Tony

Some Topics Discussed:

  • Jungle Boy Jack Perry heel turn? Change his AEW entrance music ASAP and consider cutting his hair
  • Police Report on B.J Whitmer arrest reveals details on assault on ex-girlfriend
  • Addressing reports Triple H/Nick Khan were upset at Vince McMahon for changes made to 6/23/23 SmackDown
  • More stupid talk about wrestlers complaining to media about 'being in a bad mood' over CM Punk back in AEW
  • Bill Goldberg will wrestle his retirement match for WWE and not AEW
  • Should and will WWE or AEW sign Tessa Blanchard
  • Honest thoughts on recent WWE/AEW elevation of Thea Hail and Skye Blue
  • DT explains why new WWE TV deals will keep Raw and SmackDown on TV and not a streaming service
  • Funny story: Don Tony explains why Magic Spoon isn't a sponsor on this channel
  • AEW returning to Chicago for several events for late August/early September
  • DT addresses the 'Three C's' problem that is losing its luster with some AEW fans
  • Eddie Kingston calls out IWC for clickbait flooded by wrestling media pushing that AEW locker room is divided
  • DT talks Keto Diet talk and recent photos posted by Karrion Kross while on Keto and Carnivore Diets
  • DT addresses one disturbing issue that happened during 2023 Gay Pride Parade (Link to video discussed: CLICK HERE)
  • Is Impact Wrestling still stuck in the mud?
  • Plus: Favorite Vince McMahon/Steve Austin moment; Wrestlers wearing shirts during matches; Trinity/Impact; All-time favorite cereal and more!


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