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Oct 31, 2022

'The Sit-Down with Don Tony' is a live discussion show hosted by Don Tony and YOU. Everyone who joins the show LIVE chooses the topics discussed on the show. You can talk about anything. Pro Wrestling (AEW, WWE), non-wrestling, pop culture, sports, news, politics, personal topics. Nothing is out of bounds, and the entire show is 100% interactive. A shout out to everyone who joined us live and chose some great topics of discussion.

Some Topics Discussed:

  • With CM Punk out of the way, is Chris Jericho the next one on EVPs & biased media's radar?
  • DT thinks Bray Wyatt's battle with his inner demons could result in a cinematic match at WrestleMania
  • Quick thoughts on PWI releases their Women's Top 150 with Syuri ranked #1 & Bianca Belair #2
  • DT explains why Cody Rhodes' in ring return must be at WWE Royal Rumble and not sooner
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs Great Muta announced for January 2023 (Muta Retirement Tour)
  • Triple H shifting Hell In A Cell as an individual match instead of a PLE is the right move
  • DT comments on several AEW women targeting JDFromNY206 just for criticizing an upcoming match
  • Wrestler mob mentality on social media shifts attention away from addressing their own problems
  • Besides a bloated roster, DT addresses Tony Khan's #1 problem in AEW that isn't going away
  • Would you press charges if Steve Austin flipped you off, kicked and stunned you?
  • Expect Triple H to open the 'forbidden door' once again at 2023 WWE Royal Rumble
  • Plus: Halloween Havoc match.. CM Punk breaking his silence; showing love for R-Truth
  • Set Your Reminders! Podcast Forbidden Door III w/Don Tony & JDFromNY206 this Thursday 11/3/22 LIVE at 8:05PM! Live Link:


Special 'Growing Up Don Tony' Segment: This episode streamed live on the 10 Year Anniversary of SuperStorm Sandy (10/30/2012). For the first time ever, Don Tony makes public raw home video footage of the personal destruction of from SuperStorm Sandy. You will finally see what DT has described over the last ten years on the shows. (Video begins at 1:17:50 mark)


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