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Sep 26, 2022

'The Sit-Down with Don Tony' is a live discussion show hosted by Don Tony and YOU. Everyone who joins the show LIVE chooses the topics discussed on the show. You can talk about anything. Pro Wrestling (AEW, WWE), non-wrestling, pop culture, sports, news, politics, personal topics. Nothing is out of bounds, and the entire show is 100% interactive. A shout out to everyone who joined us live and chose some great topics of discussion.

Some Topics Discussed:

  • Addressing the rumors that Buddy Matthews has requested his AEW release
  • Unless it replaces an existing show, DT explains why Tony Khan trying to get ROH a TV deal ATM is unlikely
  • Chris Jericho winning ROH World Title is designed to enhance Sports Entertainment storyline
  • Should AEW bring back a PPV concept like Lethal Lottery, Cyber Sunday or Taboo Tuesday?
  • When Bray Wyatt returns, should he remain a singles star or have a new faction?
  • Are WWE about to throw a Curveball and tease a Sasha Banks / Naomi return?
  • Expect Saraya (Paige) to announce her in-ring wrestling return on 9/28/22 AEW Dynamite
  • Teddy Long gets hacked on twitter & the likely culprit who did it
  • Honest thoughts on Super Diva Quincy Elliot's NXT debut & Marina Shafir's AEW 'You Don't Know Me' Promo
  • Thunder Rosa appearing at events without AEW Women's Title is not a cause of concern or disrespect
  • DT reveals the worst part of currently suffering from Covid-19
  • Perception of Karrion Kross overshadowed by Bloodline, Bray Wyatt teasers & more is a good thing
  • Growing Up Don Tony: Buying real Punjabi garments & turban to help create wrestler Ghana Rhea Akbar
  • Plus: Charlotte Flair's WWE return.. Sami Zayn turning against The Bloodline.. NXT Europe
  • Plus: Forbidden Door III Teaser.. DX 25th Anniversary.. Good Brothers & Candice Lerae WWE return
  • Plus: Aaron Judge reaching Homerun#61 vs Albert Pujols reaching 700 Homeruns & more!


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