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Jul 10, 2007

Running Time: 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Hey everyone, Don Tony here. As promised, I have started the process of bringing back online retro wrestling hotline and podcast episodes going back as early as 2002! I wish I had my archives of wrestling hotline episodes from 1997-2001. Unfortunately at that time, no one was podcasting. The technology wasn't developed yet. And I didn't come up with the idea of posting my audio hotline episodes online until 2002. However, the good news is that there are close to 1000 episodes of archived content from 2002 thru 2019 that will be made available online soon!

This retro episode of 'The Minority Report' hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle and Smoked Out goes back to July 9, 2007. Please keep in mind that these older episodes were recorded at a time when everyone did their podcasting thru telephones. So the audio quality is primitive. I did the best I could to boost the quality a bit. I think the audio quality of the current shows has significantly increased since we recorded this episode in July 2007.

Topics Discussed:

  • Coming Soon: Hulk Hogan Ringtones! 'Pick up the phone brother!'
  • Showing love to newcomer Cody Rhodes. He has the tools to become a big star in wrestling.
  • If you were married and learned your spouse bought life insurance and put their ex as the beneficiary, you wouldn't throw him/her out of the house?
  • Kevin Sullivan: Please hire an attorney and start threatening lawsuits to these idiots that accuse you of killing the Benoit Family..
  • Kudos to Rob Van Dam for turning down an RF Video Shoot Interview. Even though we love RF Video's shoots, RVD did the right thing.
  • Manny Arora and WWE's Jerry McDevitt (or should we say McDipsh**) caught in a bunch of lies.
  • Anyone notice the Sandman splashing beer all over 8 year old girls in the crowd during his Raw entrance?
  • Stop the stupid rumors. Chris Jericho will likely return to WWE
  • We show respect to a listener who has a 15 year old child stricken with Fragile X. But we do explain why there are certain people that use shady tactics to raise money for foundations.
  • How complacent was Larry King talking to Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, John Cena, and others?
  • Everyone keeps asking what we led to the Benoit murder/suicide.
  • John Cena on Larry King: 'As long as you can entertain and draw money, you have a spot and don't need steroids'. Then why do so many take steroids? And why did Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit all win Heavyweight Gold only after their bodies morphed into freaks of nature?
  • One Night Stand: Candice Michelle or Rosie Perez?
  • How we think the storyline will go down with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, after they win the Tag Titles from Team 3-D.
  • There's nothing like a bitter wrestler on a news show right now in the heat of the Benoit tragedies.
  • Showing love to Dusty Rhodes, Nestle Quik, Christy Canyon, Brooke Hogan's breast implants..
  • Talking Transformers the movie. Since WCW brought us Robocop in the ring, will TNA bring debut 'The Transformer'?
  • Taking a look back at the movie New Jack City.
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more.


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