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May 30, 2020

Running Time: 3 Hours 29 Minutes

Hosted by Don Tony

A very special thank you to everyone who tuned in live and allowed me (DT) to split this episode technically into two parts. The first half primarily was the usual pro wrestling talk. The second part was for some very serious discussion. From the recent tragedy of George Floyd, law enforcement, racial profiling, 'Karen', cyber bullying and more. The list of tragedies I discussed fm Rodney King to George Floyd I researched myself. Each showed not only that Law Enforcement must change within, but hate & racism must be removed from the hearts of all. #BlackLivesMatter

Wrestling topics discussed: WWE Smackdown recap and review... WWE uses Jeff Hardy's substance abuse for a story line. Tasteless?... Was that a Grand National behind the Green Giant on SD?... Otis and Mandy Rose spoof Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold 'Pool Scene' from Fast Times At Ridgemont High... Lowlife wrestling news sites use Shad Gaspard's drowning to get hits... Matt Riddle to Smackdown official... Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman: Proud Parents for the second time: Hyrie Von Rotunda. Congratulations!... Becky Lynch shares a Sonogram photo of her and Seth's upcoming child!... Ric Flair signs over 'The Man' to WWE... 'The Truth' (Creepy Ali) vignettes enter Week 15... ESPN interviews Chris Jericho on Mike Tyson 'altercation'. Will we see another Tyson appearance on the 6/3 Dynamite?... AEW / NXT 5/27 Ratings... Alexa Bliss discusses her worries of retirement due to multiple concussions... Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream for NXT Championship already filmed - outdoors?... FOCO announces really cool Undertaker and Hulk Hogan Bobbleheads for presale... WWE releases a vintage t-shirt line: 'Greatest Match Collection'... 'Piss Sh** Milk Guy' Armando Montalvo arrested again... Identity of 'Reba' from Dynamite... Live Chat / Super Chat and much more.

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