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Apr 29, 2022

Q&A With Don Tony (EP64) (YouTube Members Only Live Stream). Thank you to everyone who joined DT live. Lots of live Q&A with awesome topics of conversation.

Topics Discussed:

  • First Tony D'Angelo became 'The Don'. Now he wants to have a 'Sit-Down'? 🤔
  • Enough Is Enough? FTR the latest to mimic complete sequences from Bret Hart matches
  • Props to AEW for finally revamping the Rankings System. RIP 'Padding the numbers for rank'
  • Scary moment for Bobby Lashley (he's OK) as ring rope snaps during match on UK Tour
  • Sad anniversary: Seventeen years to the day that Chris Candido passed away.
  • DT pays tribute & shares a few personal stories involving Chris Candido
  • Sammy Guevara's latest insane ladder spot (vs Scorpio Sky): When does Tony Khan step in and stop it?
  • Sasha Banks sexy 'Sailor Moon' signed pics contest during WWE SmackDown 4/29/22 Watch Party
  • Paul Heyman 'Paul E Dangerously' ECW Funko Pop now available for preorder (pics included)
  • W Morrissey (Big Cass) to get Eric Redbeard treatment on 5/4/22 AEW Dynamite
  • DT explains how WWE should bring Bayley back to TV
  • WWE intellectual property will likely be an issue for Jon Moxley to ever return as 'Jon Moxley'
  • Expect AEW Trios Title Tournament to begin shortly after Owen Hart Tournaments complete
  • AEW Dynamite 4/27/22 and NXT 4/26/22 ratings breakdown
  • AEW Dynamite and NXT 2.0 results plus AEW Rampage 4/22/22 preview
  • Viking Raiders back in NXT: Will it lead to a career resurrection or slow burn to being released?
  • Funny: AEW hypes 'long awaited face to face' between Hook & Danhausen for the fifth time
  • Bray Wyatt will return to WWE, but at a very high price
  • Explaining how valuable Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy & others have been behind the AEW camera
  • Comparing Captain Lou Albano to a Roomba Vaccuum
  • Lots of excellent Q&A from our YouTube Channel Members


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