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Jun 27, 2021

Hello great YouTube Channel Members! DT here and it's early early early Sunday morning, June 27, 2021. I couldn't sleep last night. So I was looking around the net to see how I can start offering you my Retro episodes of The Minority Report, Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show and others. And if this works, I hit the jackpot :)

My audio hosting provider has a feature where I can upload retro audio directly to YouTube. Currently, you can't upload audio only shows to YouTube. But my hosting provider can transmit the audio only episode with a 'static image'. If you ever 'watched' a Jim Cornette Podcast on YouTube, that's the same setup.

So this upload is a test to see if it goes thru. And since today is June 27, 2021, why not upload an anniversary episode?!

Ten years ago today, the CM Punk Pipebomb happened on WWE Monday Night Raw. Here is your retro Don Tony And Kevin Castle Episode from that night, June 27, 2011. Let me know what you think!


A little bit of history and a reminder:

DTKC Show history range from 2007-2020. Minority Report shows range from 2003-2007. DT's wrestling hotline audio ranges from 1997-2003.

Please remember that back then, audio quality was bad. Except for DT, every host did the show thru their landline telephone. No mixers, no professional microphones, nothing was used for these shows. You'll notice the audio quality improvement as the years progress. And, you'll notice the synopsis writing improve as the years go by as well!