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Feb 28, 2023

Back by Popular Demand! This Week In Wrestling History hosted by Don Tony aired back in 2018-2019 and spanned two seasons. These retro episodes return remastered and will be posted every Tuesday at 12 Noon EST. These episodes are filled with hundreds of hours of original wrestling clips & stories. Whether hearing these for the first time, or revisiting the episodes again, you will enjoy this deep dive into pro wrestling's awesome history.

SYNOPSIS: S2 E9 (02/26 - 03/04)

  • Luke Williams loses a Hair vs Hair Match vs Roddy Piper (Bonus: 1980 Promo)
  • Audio: Bushwacker Luke speaks on signing with WWF and changing from the violent Sheepherders to the friendly Buschwackers
  • WWF debuts Slammy Awards
  • Looking back at WCW Superbrawl II
  • Lex Luger wrestles last WCW match before signing with WWF
  • Hollywood Blondes def Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat to win WCW World Tag Team Championships
  • Audio: Shane Douglas speaks on leaving WCW for ECW after losing Tag Titles to Hollywood Blondes
  • Before ECW invaded WWF at The Manhattan Center in 1997, there was the World Wrestling Network in 1994
  • DT looks back at Jim Crockett / Paul Heyman led WWN Promotion and the fallout which led to ECW going Extreme
  • Audio: Before debuting in WWF as Mankind, Mick Foley appeared in USWA as Mankind The Mutilator
  • British Bulldog becomes first WWF European Champion
  • Near record low ratings (1997) lead to major changes for Monday Night Raw
  • Audio: Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X
  • Looking back at ECW Living Dangerously '98
  • Audio: Bam Bam Bigelow talks working with Taz & Living Dangerously '98
  • Before XPW invaded ECW at Heatwave 2000, many former ECW champions appear for XPW Baptized In Blood
  • Looking back at a wacky, memorable week in wrestling in 2000
  • Rob Van Dam vacates ECW TV Title due to broken ankle, ending 700 day reign
  • Audio: Yapapi Brother, Wooooo
  • Audio: 3 Count def Brian Knobbs to become Hardcore Champion
  • Audio: Crash Holly vs Mark Henry for WWF Hardcore Title leads to Mae Young giving birth to Rubber Hand
  • Audio: Crash Holly creates the 24/7 Rule for Hardcore Title
  • David McClane Women Of Wrestling closes (2001)
  • Audio: Big Show defends WWF Hardcore Title vs Kurt Angle and The Rock with a unique finish
  • Audio: Jerry Lawler quits WWF after wife Stacy Carter is released
  • Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero: A fantasy match that did take place for IWA
  • WWF premieres Tough Enough 2 on MTV
  • Looking back at every Tough Enough winner and disappointing careers that followed for most
  • Audio: Shawn Michaels joins, but Marty Jannetty turns down Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club for Masterlock Challenge
  • Audio: The night Randy Orton came out to CM Punk's Theme Music
  • WWE retires Cruiserweight Title (2008)
  • Mr T turns down WWE Hall Of Fame
  • Audio: Mr T WWE Hall of Fame Speech (Mother Meter: 71)
  • Audio: Jacqueline Beems arrested after assaulting husband Ric Flair + 911 call made by daughter of Beems
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan spoils Rob Van Dam's surprise debut for TNA, beats Sting clean in 12 seconds
  • Fandango wins NXT Season 4. Brodus Clay finishes second
  • Looking back at Ring Of Honor 9, 10, 11, 13, 14th Anniversary Shows
  • Audio: The Rock attempts to make John Cena his Kung Pao Bitch
  • Audio: The Rock gets rattled after John Cena exposes cheat notes written on The Rock's arm
  • WWE airs Old School Raw 2013 which was last TV appearance of Mae Young
  • Audio: Brock Lesnar predicts end of Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak in front of Chicago crowd shortly after CM Punk quit WWE
  • Looking back at WWE NXT Arrival 2014
  • Audio: The Miz and Mizdow 'Niagara' Commercial
  • Final Chapter of Broken Hardy's 'Expedition Of Gold' takes place at a Flea Market on Impact
  • Looking back at ROH Manhattan Mayhem VI (2017)
  • And much more!


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