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Apr 25, 2023

Back by Popular Demand! This Week In Wrestling History hosted by Don Tony aired back in 2018-2019 and spanned two seasons. These retro episodes return remastered and will be posted every Tuesday at 4PM EST. These episodes are filled with hundreds of hours of original wrestling clips & stories. Enjoy this deep dive into pro wrestling's awesome history.

SYNOPSIS: S2 E17 (04/23 - 04/29) 

  • Alex Karras and Dick The Bruiser turn their feud into a real life bar fight with patrons and Detroit Cops
  • Bruno Sammartino breaks his neck during a WWWF Title Match vs Stan Hansen
  • Audio: Infamous Empty Arena Match: Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler including UNCENSORED Funk pre match promo
  • Superstar Billy Graham wrestles last WWF match 1983 and leaves for AWA
  • Audio: Verne Gagne celebrates anniversary of their fu**ery towards AWA fans and Hulk Hogan by doing it again
  • Jerry Lawler loses his first Hair match and Southern Heavyweight Title
  • Ken Patera makes WWF return after 2 years in prison
  • Audio: Looking back at the night Bobby Heenan and Andy Kaufman managed Ken Patera against Jerry Lawler
  • ECW crowns first Champion Jimmy Snuka just to lose it a day later to Johnny Hotbody
  • Sid Vicious leaves WWF after a match vs Ultimate Warrior
  • Heavenly Bodies become first Smokey Mountain Wrestling Tag Champs
  • Naliz makes WWF debut attacking The Big Boss Man
  • Audio: A tale of two Nailz promos: With WWF voice modulation and without
  • Debuts of Tammy Sytch for Smokey Mountain Wrestling and Sean Waltman for WWF
  • Looking back at Sumo Match between Earthquake and Yokozuna on Raw
  • Audio: Hunter Hearst Helmsley WWF in ring debut, def convicted Pedophile Buck Zumhoff
  • Looking back at WCW and New Japan Collision In Korea
  • Fat Frank Iadevia causes local controversy in NY/NJ after odd call-in to Howard Stern Show
  • DX attempts to invade WCW event
  • Audio: Val Venis is 'coming' w/Jenna Jameson
  • Looking back: first Brian Pillman Memorial Show
  • Audio: DDP loses WCW Championship to Sting on Nitro just to win the title back the same night
  • While Ric Flair is in a Mental Hospital on Nitro, Steve Austin rescues Stephanie McMahon from Ministry Of Darkness on Raw
  • WWF tapes Smackdown pilot 1999
  • Juventud Guerrera arrested in PA for DWI
  • Steve Austin returns to WWF TV and blows up DX Express Tour Bus
  • David Arquette wins WCW Championship and donates his pay to families of Brian Pillman and Owen Hart, and to Droz
  • Sabu def The Messiah to win the vacant XPW Championship
  • Audio: Randy Orton makes his WWF main roster debut
  • The Condemned starring Steve Austin hits movie theaters to terrible reviews
  • Audio: Only hours after announcing his retirement, Steve Austin becomes Raw Co-GM with Eric Bischoff
  • Randy Orton spits in the face of Harley Race
  • Chris Candido suffers ankle and leg injury during match on TNA PPV, and sadly passes away days later due to a blood clot
  • Audio: Vince McMahon wins ECW Championship
  • One of the greatest matches in Raw history: Shawn Michaels & John Cena battle almost an hour
  • Looking back: 2010 WWE Draft (Kelly Kelly #1 Pick)
  • Audio: TNA Monday Night Impact Main Event: Abyss vs Ric Flair battle over WWE Hall Of Fame Rings
  • Monday Night Wars II: After bombing in ratings, Dixie Carter announces Impact moving back to Thursdays.
  • TNA fires Bubba The Love Sponge after comments towards Haiti
  • Audio: 2011 WWE Draft opens with John Cena drafted to Smackdown just to be traded by to Raw by end of the show
  • Nick Gage sentenced after pleading guilty to Second Degree Bank Robbery
  • WWE launches their Be A STAR campaign
  • Audio: Cesaro makes WWE main roster debut
  • Audio: Nikki & Brie Bella 'fired' from WWE 2012, which leads to their legit exit
  • Jeff Hardy suffers broken leg after a Dirt Bike stunt goes wrong
  • And much more!


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