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Apr 21, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 49 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 16 (04/17 - 04/23)

  • Audio: Hulk Hogan wins the AWA Heavyweight Title twice, and is stripped twice plus rare Hogan/Bockwinkel interviews
  • Audio: Road Warrior Hawk has size 23 shoes
  • Adonis and Murdoch win WWF Tag Titles
  • Audio: AWA Wrestle Rock Rumble
  • Mike McGuirk makes WWF debut
  • Mr Perfect wins vacant IC Title
  • Audio: Pro wrestling invades The Morton Downey Jr Show
  • Audio: Geraldo Rivera / Now It Can Be Told: Scandals hit WWF: Mel Philips sexually aroused by underage feet, underage groping, steroids, and more
  • Audio: Rare Pipers Pit trashing Geraldo and more
  • Ultimate Warrior plays with a sword on German TV
  • Infamous WCW Saturday Night match: Vader vs Cactus Jack
  • Negotiations between All Japan Pro Wrestling and Tonya Harding fall apart
  • Eliminators make USWA debut
  • Danny Bonaduce vs Christopher Knight
  • Brian Pillman released from hospital
  • Goldberg wins US Title from Raven
  • Bret Hart helps Hogan win WCW Title
  • Tim White breaks Sable's toe
  • Scott Steiner arrested for aggravated assault
  • Buff Bagwell seriously injured on Thunder
  • Audio: 'It Never Happened': Chris Jericho wins then forfeits WWF Title to Triple H
  • Audio: ECW Champion Taz vs WWF Champion Triple H
  • Audio: Tommy Dreamer wins the ECW World Title and Justin Credible spoils the celebration
  • Hulk Hogan wins Undisputed Title
  • Alex Shelly shaved bald
  • AJ Styles wins NWA Heavyweight Title
  • Backlash 2004 PPV
  • William Regal returns to Raw after year long illness
  • Eugene Dinsmore, Tomko, and Zack Ryder makes WWE debuts
  • Brock Lesnar and WWE settle lawsuit
  • WWE contacts former ECW stars for brand return
  • WWE cuts ties with DSW
  • TNA suspends Austin Aries
  • John Cena vs Shawn Michaels goes one hour on Raw
  • Batista refuses to sign young fan's Birthday Card at UK autograph signing
  • Revisiting the fraud: Psycho Cybil
  • Audio: 'Barack Obama' vs 'Hillary Clinton w/ 'Bill Clinton' fight on Raw
  • Showing love to Tim Watters
  • Michael Hayes suspended for using N-Word
  • Bobby Lashley makes TNA debut
  • Big Show knocks out Rey Mysterio
  • Monday Night Smackdown
  • WWE releases Mickie James, Shelton Benjamin, Funaki, and others
  • E! officially announces launch of new reality show: Total Divas
  • Performance Center coming to Florida
  • Rosa Mendes sent home from European Tour
  • WWE airs commercial featuring Insects having sex
  • Samoa Joe wins NXT Championship
  • Braun Stroman and Big Show collapse WWE ring
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Road Warrior Hawk (1983), Sumie Sakai (1997), Fenix (2005), Kiera Hogan (2015)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Bruno Sammartino 82, Motoko Baba 78, Paul Jones 75, Katsuji Ueda and Frankie Williams 71, Mitsukazu Arakawa and Gori Guerrero 69, Ted Grizzly 65, Wahoo McDaniel 63, Matt Anoa'i (Rosey) 47, Chyna 45, Rick Rude 40, Villano #2 39, Masakazu Fukuda 27

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Angelo Savoldi, Roddy Piper, Ox Baker, Terry Gordy, Little Beaver, Axl Rotten RIP, Tony Atlas 64, Brutus Beefcake 61, Kevin Kelly (Nailz) 60, Steve Lombardi 57, Universo Dos Mil 55, El Samurai and Miguel Perez Jr 52, Pimpinela Escarlata 49, Mini Rey Mysterio 46, Orlando Jordan 44, Damian el Terrible 42, Jonny Storm, John Cena, Brandon Baxter, and Rellik 41, Danny Devine 37, Moose and Garett Bischoff 34, Curt Hawkins and Jay Lethal 33, Jessie Godderz and Chuck Taylor 32, Nikki Cross 29

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