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Nov 30, 2022

Hello Elite Family! I hope everyone is doing well; and thank you as always for your awesome support for my Channel. As promised, you now enjoy a sample of my Patreon channel with this latest episode of DT VIPatreon that streams live every Tuesday night. This week, I recorded this episode on 11/29/22. And for those that keep track, this is Episode# 225.

These audio episodes stream live ( exclusively for our Patreon family. Since our Patreon family gets to enjoy your Q&A With Don Tony episodes recorded on Thursdays, you get to enjoy DT VIPatreon episodes on Tuesdays as well. If you've never listened to our Patreon show before, some topics are not wrestling related. Also, our Patreon family are the ones who provide the discussions and dictate the content for these shows. And that will never change.

For those who never checked out our Patreon episodes, you'll find that these episodes are quite different then our regular shows that stream online. Enjoy!