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Nov 15, 2023

DON TONY AND KEVIN CASTLE return for an absolutely loaded episode of the Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show, (recorded 11/14/23). Check out the synopsis below for the topics discussed.

Note: If you were a fan of the Wrestling Hotlines from the 1990's (DTKC, Captain Lenny, Minority Report, Capitan Ivan, Dominik Valenti, Vinny G and others), check out the last 30 minutes of this episode (starts at the 1 Hour 39 Minute mark). Fun and unexpected conversation along with some odd retro audio added from 2001 :)

Some Topics Discussed:

  • RHEA RIPLEY: Honest thoughts on Rhea Ripley's current run as WWE Women's World Champion. DT/KC give TEN reasons why it's been underwhelming masqueraded by a below average Raw Women's roster. And the blame should be placed directly on Triple H.
  • "THE WHITE NEW JACK" JON MOXLEY: Three years ago, he was ranked higher than Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. DT/KC discuss why Moxley is now ranked a distant third amongst the former Shield members.
  • DREW MCINTYRE temporary alliance with The Judgement Day leads to the return of RANDY ORTON at WWE Survivor Series
  • MJF signing with WWE and RAW returning to TWO HOURS: Your top prediction that should happen in 2024 but won't happen in 2024
  • SHINSUKE NAKAMURA promos are NOT directed towards CM PUNK. DT/KC discuss the imminent feud between SHINSUKE NAKAMURA and CODY RHODES to close out 2023.
  • UNDERTAKER feels that pro wrestling has become quite soft. Do you agree?
  • JUSTIFIED TONY KHAN STUPIDITY: DT/KC address TONY KHAN and his 'Justified: This Is Awesome chants..." remark he repeatedly posts on Twitter. Hey Tony, when are fans chanting 'This Is Awesome' in wrestling not justified?
  • IYO SKY/ASUKA/KAIRI SANE: Despite praise for all three women, DT/KC address a major problem with this faction that noone is talking about
  • akuza:
  • GUNTHER appears on THE BUMP and throws major shade towards ULTIMATE WARRIOR
  • PLUS: Pro Wrestling's 'Royal Families'... Anticipation builds for the upcoming 'Iron Claw' movie... Cool moment for Kevin Von Erich... Honest thoughts on Sportskeeda... Jersey Devil vs Mothman... Sodastream... Carvel Ice Cream... DT/KC Shirts are back and more!

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