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May 9, 2018

Running Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Hosted by Don Tony


  • So many who celebrate Rusev Day the last six months and complained WWE refused to give him a 'push', are now upset that he beat Daniel Bryan on Smackdown.
  • DT compares WWE's stubborn handling of Roman Reigns to shoving a square peg into a round hole. Over and over, no matter how WWE tries, it still won't fit. However, DT thinks that eventually, WWE may get the square peg to fit, but at the expense of some fans.
  • Remember kiddies, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns do not need MITB 'briefcases' to get title opportunities.
  • WWE's PSA towards Daniel Bryan and others is that everyone loses in life. You don't always win. But when you lose, don't sulk, don't feel down. Get up, dust yourself off, and stay positive. There's always tomorrow! And then on Smackdown following a loss, we are treated to a minute of DB sulking and looking like he's going to jump in front of a train.
  • Despite the excessive PC PSA's, subpar storylines, and the handling of some talent, WWE stock still tripled in value over last two years. DT explains why.
  • Storyline stupidity: Why isn't Daniel Bryan and The Miz trying to 'kill' each other? We know the answer but still need to pose the question.
  • Storyline stupidity: Paige bans Sonya DeVille from ringside, but doesn't ban Billie Kay.
  • DT offers a storyline idea to push Mandy Rose and to turn this week's storyline stupidity into an upcoming split with Sonya DeVille.
  • DT has no problem with anyone comparing Brock Lesnar's current title reign with CM Punk's 434 day reign. Just leave the term 'record' and 'modern day era' out of it.
  • RIP Big Bully Busick
  • Growing Up Don Tony: Winning loads of hats and shirts off of the ECW Hotline.
  • Convicted child molester M.L. Curly is apparently deceased, and good riddance.
  • Reason Ronda Rousey was absent from Raw, and WWE waited until late Monday night to report it.
  • Don't underestimate the power of children influencing certain storylines and character development.
  • Back in 2016, DT expressed disdain and concern over Anthony Anzaldo; the manager of Joanie Laurer (RIP). Two years later, DT thinks a new set of 'legal eyes' needs to take a look at Mr. Anzaldo.
  • Patreon Updates
  • Plus Raw, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, Impact, NJPW, Indy wrestling news, pop culture, news, sports talk, and so much more.

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